in a new drying oven and stored reigniting because of the combustible materials inside the area, Tinson said.

She added which Wrangler assembly workers would be let out several hours early late Tuesday whilst paint shop additional resources workers would remain about the job.

Fire officials advised The Actual (Toledo) Blade that will a couple of firefighters were injured. Vellequette in


. The Particular fire had been extinguished through 5:45 p.m., Tinson said.

The barbecue-sized fire began concerning 4:30 p.m. 1 had been treated at the scene as well as an additional was transported into a nearby hospital for treatment.

A tiny fire within the paint shop at Fiat Chryslers Toledo (Ohio) Assembly Complex disrupted output of your Jeep Wrangler on Tuesday.

No workers were injured, and the paint shop had been evacuated temporarily for you to allow firefighters to extinguish the particular blaze, said Jodi Tinson, a spokeswoman for FCA US.

Jeep assembly workers had been dismissed a few hrs early simply listen to this podcast because in the fire.

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